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While brewing a kappa with a fancy coffee machine may make one feel like a barista, the reality of it is much more complicated than that. The Professional Barista course is carefully designed to cater to a variety of needs from brewing skills, bean knowledge to operating commercial coffee machines.
City & Guilds Barista Skills Level 2

10 days / 70 hours

Certificate of Achievement
By Gambang Berlian in partnership with City & Guilds

This is a programme that rewards you with a recognised qualification within the coffee industry. The programme involves both classroom-based learning as well as hands-on learning required to be a Professional Barista. A City & Guilds Level 2 indicates a formal qualification which allows candidates to kick-start their career in the barista profession.

The qualification centres on coffee and in particular espresso; however it also incorporates filter coffee; tea; chocolate; juices and smoothies.

Four Areas of Learning

  • A background to the raw materials
  • How to produce a range of drinks
  • How to operate, care and maintain machinery
  • List item

The information is passes on through a minimum of 70 hours classroom time as well as practice in the workplace, before practical and written assessments take place.

Barista Essentials

This one-day express class is specially created for individuals who seek deeper understanding about coffee.

The workshop will take you through how coffee is harvested and processed, basic espresso brewing techniques as well as basic latte art. It is the first step to making great coffee.

This workshop is perfect for high school students, coffee enthusiasts and those short on time wannables.

8 Hours

Certificate of Achievement
by Gambang Berlian and DISTED School of Business and Hospitality in the partnership with Forest Cloud Coffee Company

Barista Pro Course

3 days / 20 hours

Certificate of Achievement
by Gambang Berlian and DISTED School of Business and Hospitality in Partnership with Forest Cloud Coffee Company.

Kick start your interest in the coffee world with a 3-days intensive Barista training. The Barista Pro course does not require any previous experience, so all interested students are welcome! You gain in-depth knowledge on your journey to become a professional barista.

You will be guided through every step of the way, from the moment the fruit is picked, through coffee extraction and brewing; to the final cup of coffee. You will also learn practical skills regarding milk handling techniques, latte art shapes, barista menu planning, managing workspace efficiency, cleaning, maintaining and troubleshooting coffee machines and prepare to serve coffee in a hygienic, healthy and safe manner.

This course is suitable for students wanting to find barista work, cafe entrepreneurs and home enthusiasts.

Your Trainers

Phong Chia Keat
Working Experiences

  • Roaster | Forest Cloud Coffee (Coffee Supplies Company)
  • Head Barista / Trainer | Forest Cloud Coffee (Coffee Supplies Company)
  • Bartender | Something else Bistro (Bistro), Penang, Malaysia
  • Head Barista / Trainer | Arang Coffee (Cafe), Penang, Malaysia
  • Head Barista / Trainer | Brown Pocket (Cafe), Penang , Malaysia
  • Head Barista / Trainer | The twelve Cups (Cafe), Penang , Malaysia


  • The Speciality Coffee Association of Europe
    – Brewing Foundation
    – Brewing Intermediate

Daeng Sariges Haris
Working Experiences

  • Barista Trainer | Forest Cloud Coffee Company
  • Barista | Twelve Cups
  • Manager / Barista | Morning Wood Cafe
  • Manager / Barista | Flat White Cafe


  • The Speciality Coffee Association
    – Barista Skills Foundation
  • Constant Gardener Coffee
    – Train the Trainer
Payment Methods
  • Cheque – Payable to GAMBANG BERLIAN SDN BHD
  • Debit Card and Credit Card
    (Credit Card Easy payment scheme available)
  • HRDF Claimable
Why Choose Gambang Berlian?
At LiFE Academy, you will experience an exciting, practical all-rounded education conducted in a conducive environment. Learning approach includes group classroom teaching, discussions, research projects and oral-aural activities.

  • Graduates of our programmes are awarded with qualifications endorsed by the best in industry.
  • Qualified, experienced, dedicated and caring trainers supported by experienced technical staff.
  • Individual hands-on sessions to enhance your grasps of the knowledge.
  • Strong and continually updated curriculum to meet challenging industry demands.
  • Close monitoring of your academic progress.
  • Scholarships are available to Malaysian students.*

*Terms and conditions apply